"With Dan's photos, more of my images were published, more picked for publicity,
              and I simply got into more shows."

             Mark Sudduth     www.sudduthglass.com

             "He has the ability to produce the highest-quality image of my work while getting
              across the emphasis in color, form and idea that I as the artist intended."

             Rene Culler     www.reneculler.com

             "Dan understands the artists point-of-view...I put all my trust in his ability to document
              my work. Oh, and he has great stories to tell!"

             Susan Skoczen     www.susanskoczen.com

             "Dan's images of my glass have been a major contributor to my sales for over 5 years now,
              and are the best investment I've made toward marketing my work in an increasingly
              competitive field."

             Michael Mikula     www.mikulaglass.com

             "The insight and quality Dan brings to his subject is unsurpassed by any photographer I
               have previously worked with."

             Debra Rosen     www.tapstudios.com

             "Every image touches the viewer, but a Lumina/Fox image produces a series of blinking
              and even blushing in its wake."

             Todd Pownell     www.tapstudios.com

             "Dan's consitsently strong technical skills combined with his appreciation of the subject
              results in stand-out photographs."

             Sharon Bell, quilt/textile artist

             "He's been doing mine for some time now and in the thirty-five plus years of making glass art,
              vessels and sculpture, Dan's photography is by far the best, and truest representation."

             Brent Kee Young
             Professor and Head of Glass Deptartment
             Cleveland Institute of Art

             "F------ beautiful work."

             Cat Z     www.prosperityjewelry.com

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